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Profile Details
Sefton Council

Councillor Paul Cummins was first elected as a member of Sefton Council In October 1992 – May 2003 and is now in his second spell as a Councillor for Sefton MBC representing Church ward, having been active in the Labour Party

for many years. Cllr Cummins was previously elected as Mayor of Sefton and began his Mayoral year in May 2011.

Councillor Cummins has wide experience in Social Care and Health matters and currently holds the position of Cabinet Member for Older People and Health. In November 2013 Councillor Cummins was appointed to the position of Mental Health Champion and is a member of the following Council committees: Council, Cabinet, Central Sefton Area Committee, Crosby Area Partnership, Health and Wellbeing Board, Joint Consultative Committee for Teaching Staffs and Member Development. He is also the Council’s appointee to the Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors.

Social Profiles
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Champions say

"what’s the point of being in politics if you can’t stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves" Haringey

Mental Health Facts

Mental ill health affects us all

  • One in five of us has a mental health condition at any one time.
  • Around half of people with lifetime mental health problems experience the first symptoms before the age of 14.
  • Only a quarter of people with a mental health condition receive any treatment for it.
  • Nine out of ten people in prison have at least one mental health problem. Almost a quarter of prisoners have a mental illness that requires specialist treatment.
  • Mental ill health has an economic and social cost of £105bn a year.
  • Mental illness accounts for 28% of the total burden of disease but only 13% of NHS spending.
  • Untreated mental ill health adds around £10 billion a year to the cost of physical health care for people with long-term conditions.
  • People with severe and enduring mental health conditions die on average 20 years earlier than those without.
So take a proactive approach and promote mental health across your area
join our Challenge

Mental Health Challenge

Centre for Mental Health
Mental Health Foundation
Rethink Mental Illness
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Young Minds